In 2022, the two Swiss business groups Komax  and Schleuniger joined forces to create the global leader in wire processing equipment. UpTech Group has previously represented Schleuniger in the Baltic States, and as Komax’s strategy is to streamline the distribution network in Europe, UpTech Group now takes over the agency for Komax equipment in Estonia and Latvia from the former agency holder Adcontact /Gammeter.

As of April 1st, 2023, UpTech Group represents both Komax and Schleuniger on the Estonian and Latvian markets and also sells Schleuniger’s equipment in Lithania. UpTech Group thereby gets a broader offering and strengthens its position primarily in fully automatic equipment for cable processing.

Adcontact / Gammeter – Through Komax’s acquisition of Schleuniger, they want to create a broader approach to the market, where we jointly see the business logic in the future distribution in our region being handled by the UpTech Group.

Adcontact / Gammeter continues to offer all other equipment in cabling processing, focusing on semi-automatic solutions and applications for the segments white goods, automotive and electronics industry. The company also continues its operations with a focus on the existing business portfolio in electromechanical components in the same segments.

About UpTech Group
UpTech Group represents the leading technology companies in the field of cable processing equipment and has an excellent overview of the development of the manufacturers of different size and level of automation. UpTech Group are specialised in providing technical support to thier clients who wants to automate machine manufacturing in their company to ensure higher volumes and better quality.

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About Adcontact
Adcontact / Gammeter is a leading global in-designer and distributor of electromechanical components and technical solutions primarily for the white goods, automotive and electronics industries. Adcontact / Gammeter also offers stand-alone, semi-automatic intelligent solutions for all modern wire processing applications.
Adcontact / Gammeter continues to operate in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Baltic States.

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