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For a market leader like the Komax Group, the ability to roll out innovations on an ongoing basis and thereby enable its customers to gain genuine competitive advantages is of the utmost strategic importance. For that reason, the Komax Group channels some 8–9% of its revenues into research and development every year. The combination with Schleuniger is now opening up further avenues of opportunity.

The Komax Group produces standardized products and customer-specific systems and offers its customers cutting-edge technical solutions for automated wire processing in four market segments – automotive, aerospace, data/telecom, and industrial – and continuously strives to improve its competitiveness. As a result of the combination with Schleuniger, the Komax Group will adopt a multi-brand strategy over the coming years. In addition to the Schleuniger brand, the company has now also acquired the adaptronic, Cirris, and DiIT brands. UpTech is the authorised representative of Komax on the Estonian and Latvian market since 2023.

Schleuniger Schleuniger

Schleuniger is one of the leading providers of wire and cable processing technologies in the world.  The company’s solutions are used anywhere where there is a need for precise connections are needed, where high level of productivity is important and traceable data necessary for analysing and optimising the manufacturing process is readily available.

The majority of the clients of the Schleuniger Group are companies from the automotive and machinery industry, industrial automation, household appliances, multimedia, information and communications technology sector. In addition to its main activity, the Schleuniger Group plays a leading role in digitalisation and developing the industrial Internet of Things. Wide product range, high quality of products, long service life and convenience of use have made Schleuniger trade mark the first choice of cable processing companies on the Baltic market. UpTech is the authorised representative of Schleuniger on the Baltic market already since 2007.

Since 2022 the Schleuniger Group is a unit of the publicly listed Komax Group. For more information, please visit and


Domino logo

Domino Printing Sciences is a global expert in industrial printers. Specialising in digital printing and traceability solutions for sectors as diverse as food, beverage, life sciences, packaging, cleaning, personal care, building and construction. To our interest, they have created special markers for printing on wires and cables in cooperation with Komax product development.

Domino’s technology prints onto products we encounter every day including cans, household goods, eggs, ready meals, cartons, glass, cases, pallets, PET, trays, film, labels and much, much more.

Domino’s family of industrial markers includes diverse technologies such as continuous inkjet, laser, thermal transfer overprinting, thermal inkjet, print and apply labellers, case coders and more.

Koenig & Bauer Coding GmbH Koenig & Bauer Coding GmbH

koenig and bauer

KBA-Metronic is a company founded in 1972, which focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing of printing, coding and marking technologies. Metronic provides full solutions for marking and coding of cables, wires and other materials.

With the technologies developed by the company, dates, logos, barcodes etc can be printed where extreme precision is required. The ink-jet, laser, thermal ink-jet, hot stamp and other systems developed by Metronic are used in leading industrial companies all over the world.

Telsonic Telsonic

Founded in 1966 in Switzerland, Telsonic is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and developer of ultrasonic technology based industrial equipment. Machinery and installations manufactured by the company are used in almost any area of activity where ultrasonic technology is needed.

UpTech’s clients of the principal areas of activity use mainly the metal connector equipment (wires of different materials and thickness), but also ultrasonic plastic welding equipment – this technology is also used for cleaning of details, mixing of materials, sieving of ultrafine fractions etc. It is used for compacting fibre cables without using additional materials, but also for connecting wires of different cross-sections. This technology is very much valued due to the fact that the physical properties of the combined metals are preserved as there is no thermal processing. This method can be used for joining metals that are usually not put together, such as copper and aluminium.

Telsonic applies the principles of lean manufacturing, which results in durable and very cost-efficient equipment.


GLW, which was founded as an independent German family company manufactures high-quality electrical accessories. The product range of the company includes wire end sleeves, wire strippers and assembly and cutting equipment of different functionality for cables and wires.

GLW sells its products only through specialised distributors, thus ensuring transfer of the best knowhow and the highest quality of customer service. UpTech has a significant material warehouse and the company is able to supply GLW wire end sleeves already on the day of the order.

Mecal S.r.l. Mecal S.r.l.

Mecal S.r.l.

Mecal S.r.l. established in 1976 by its present President, Luigi Aluffo, with the aim of supplying the wire harness industry with the best crimping equipment available. Crimping presses and applicators are extensively used by the automotive, communication and IT industry, and wherever a high quality connection is called for.

Mecal, with the only aim of manufacturing the best crimping equipment available – overall quality, state of the art technology, innovative solutions, reasonable prices, painstaking after sale service have been the company’s cornerstones to this day. Mecal offers to the market crimping equipment designed with skill, manufactured with care and supported with competence

Mecal homepage

Demirel Demirel

Demirel logo

Demirel is a German company that for over 40 years has been committed to developing, manufacturing and sales of various equipment, machinery and installations for the cable processing industry.

The products of the company are used by the automotive industry, manufacturers of home appliances and electronics as well as machinery companies across the world.

KM Corporate KM Corporate

KM Corporate is a company founded in Italy in 2007 that manufactures a wide range of equipment necessary for manufacturing electrical connections. The company develops technologies for improving processes and increasing production volumes.

KM Corporate’s product range includes mini applicators, crimping machinery and fully automated equipment, which have been developed keeping in mind the convenience of use of the end-users.

Komax Belgium Komax Belgium


Komax Belgium is a Belgian company that is one of the leading manufacturers of cable and wire connection technologies in the world.

Exmore provides cable and wire cutting, stripping, testing and other equipment, coding and marking solutions, welding equipment and technologies, laser marking technologies, but also several electronics solutions.

Exmore is a supplier for many electronics, telecommunications, computer technology, automotive, pharmaceutical, space and defence industry companies in the world. Project-based custom solution for connecting various technological operations in fully automated equipment may significantly improve efficiency of the process. Exmore IR technology for processing heat shrinking materials is very popular.

Komax Belgium homepage

Cirris Cirris

Cirris Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical testing equipment that has been on the market for over 30 years. The company manufactures a wide range of testing equipment, software, adapters and other applications necessary for testing wires and cables.

Together with its high-quality products, Cirris also provides support during the entire testing process.

Through the Learning Centre featured on their homepage, Cirris Systems provides free testing trainings and they also organise on-site product trainings all across the world. Excellent customer service ensures that answers are found to any questions the clients might have. The aim of the company is to make cable testing easy and help the clients in building safe and reliable cables.

Lakes Precision Lakes Precision

Lakes Precision was founded in 1991 and offers a wide range of accessories and equipment necessary for wire processing.

The company’s product range includes over 20,000 different articles, including for such wire processing equipment as Schleuniger, Amp, Artos, Komax, Megomat, Shinmaywa and Toyojamco.

The company has been the leader in its industry for over 25 years and the experience gained during that time allows them to provide solutions for any wire processing application.

Wezag Wezag

Wezag is a well-known manufacturer of cable and wire processing tools and equipment founded as a family-owned company in Germany in 1949.

The product range of the company includes crimping, stripping and cutting tools, but also pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic crimping machines. The machines are marketed under the trade mark WDT.

Mecalbi Mecalbi

Uptech partner

Is a company founded in Portugal in 2006, the main focus of which is on developing and manufacturing thermo shrinking systems necessary for the manufacturing of cable systems.

Designed as a mechatronic company for the automotive industry that manufactures for automotive industry on demand, Mecalbi has now grown into the world leader in heat shrink systems.

Kabelmat Kabelmat

Kabelmat® Wickeltechnik GmbH is a company founded in 1960 that is one of the leading cable and wire winding systems manufacturers in the world.

The product range of the company features almost all equipment and machinery necessary for storing, winding or hanging different wires and cables, pipes and hoses.

The main clients of Kabelmat are cable and wire manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, processers, but also companies involved in electrical installations and machinery building

Laser Wire Solutions Limited Laser Wire Solutions Limited

Laser Wire Solution

Laser Wire Solutions serve a wide range of companies around the world in industries from medical to automotive. The removal of wire insulation based on laser technology eliminates mechanical damage to the conductor, which gives a significant advantage over mechanical processing.

Laser Wire Solutions has the wire processing equipment to work with all types of insulated wire. They understand the importance of ensuring a high-quality finish with each application. They believe laser technology can vastly improve the manufacturing process for OEMs, making them more efficient and sustainable.

With over 50 years of combined experience in lasers, their experts are on hand to provide you with solutions to meet your needs.

Rennsteig Rennsteig

Rennsteig is a company established in Germany in 1959 that manufactures different tools for working with cables and wires, pipes, metals as well as construction and assembly works.

The company’s product range features different tools for wire and cable crimping, cutting and stripping.

All Rennsteig tools are ergonomic, made of high-quality materials, have precise finish and durable design.

Mecatronic Mecatronic

Mecatronic srl is a privately-owned Italian company founded in 1987 that develops, sells and maintains different cable and wire processing equipment.

The aim of the company is to provide the best solutions based on the clients’ needs and first-class aftersales service.

Mecatronic’s equipment is used in automotive, telecommunications, railroad building, medicine and defence industry and the ensure high productivity and cost-efficiency.

R+K Loepfe R+K Loepfe

R + K Loepfe AG is a manufacturer of marking equipment. Loepfe’s machines print on cables, hoses, pipes and various materials by using the hot stamp or thermal transfer processes.

UpTech Group is the company’s representative in the Baltic states. We integrate the marking equipment with the cutting and stripping lines, supply consumables and maintain equipment.

Autosplice Autosplice

Splice / Crimp Technology produces gas-tight, repeatable, and waste-free low resistance crimped connections. It has proven to be the lowest applied cost wire connection in the industry.

Splice Technology feeds, cuts, forms, and splices connections quickly, eliminating the need for pre-formed crimps.


With years of experience in cable assembling, Böwe provide you with expert advice as you develop new ideas. From the prototype to large-scale production, that supplier will develop the optimal process for your product to the highest quality.

UpTech reccommend Böwe devices as part of technological lines quoted to customers.



DiIT GmbH is the world’s leading supplier of manufacturing execution systems (MES) for the production of cable sets and wiring harnesses, for industries such as automotive. Integrated Software for Manufacturing Execution – Visualization of relevant production figures, software to optimize your wire harness production and Control customer specific wire harnesses are main components of offered products. 4Wire solutions are easy to integrate with SAP and other ERP-systems.

For more than 25 years the company’s innovative software solutions optimize and control complex manufacturing and logistics processes for international manufacturers and support quality assurance and traceability.
The company offers a comprehensive range of services, from consulting and project management right through to customer-specific implementation and training for both large and small customers.
DiIT GmbH is the member of the Schleuniger Group.